Agile Coach Camp Indianapolis – September 26-28, 2014

Why should you attend this year’s Agile Coach Camp? Just ask Esther Derby:

As Esther mentioned there are many great people joining us this year. You’ll have the opportunity to work with some of the top minds in the agile community to develop your own conference agenda and have the talks that are most important to you.

Here’s just a few of the agile coaches joining us this year in Indianapolis:

Paul Boos, Andrea Chiou, Esther DerbyDon Gray, Aimee Keener, Mark KilbyAaron Kopel, Diana LarsenJeff “Cheezy” Morgan, Dan Neumann, Tim Ottinger, Deborah Hartmann Preuss (facilitator), Markus Silpala, Howard Sublett, Derek Wade, and many more.

Click here to see the entire list of campers who have already registered.

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Peer-to-peer learning and exploration in an OpenSpace setting.

People come together around a high-level topic or need and create their own agenda; then people gather into groups to brainstorm, debate, collaborate, co-create, plan, play, tell stories, and discuss the topics proposed on the agenda, known as the marketplace.

Still not sure how OpenSpace works? Look here for more information.

While the conference schedule is created by the group, we do have a basic agenda that the campers will be following. Click here to learn more about the events happening each day.

The art of coaching teams toward excellence and productivity is tricky business. We often don’t have direct control over groups and yet have responsibilities to motivate team members who don’t report to us. Too often, as coaches, we work in isolation from other expert coaches in the field and rarely get the opportunity to meet with experts in other disciplines. This is our opportunity to share stories and practices and to wrestle with the direction in which this discipline is going, or should go.

My business card doesn’t say I’m a coach; should I come?

If you are in a role of where you mentor or facilitate other people in your organization, either as a formal “leader” designation, as a hired consultant, or an internal change agent or influencer, this is definitely the camp for you.  In addition, we are always looking across communities to create and share ideas; here’s an example.  Much of agile coaching involves facilitated experiential learning in the form of games, we’d love to collaborate with game designers (boardgames or video games) to find ways to make these more fun and valuable.  Or perhaps UX folks that can make Information Radiators more enriching.

Growing a Community of Practice

Agile Coach Camp is about creating a network of practitioners of not only Agile coaches, but related fields such as psychology, facilitation, anthropology, educators, sociologists, game designers, and a multitude of other disciplines.  We look for people who are striving to push the limits in guiding software development teams, managers, leaders and beyond, while staying true to the values and principles at the core of the Agile movement. We invite practitioners who, like you, are passionate about their work, active in the field and willing to share what they’ve learned. Prepare to be surprised! It’s a great chance to form relationships that can last a lifetime. This is an opportunity for us to create a lifeline of professional support for each other.

Here are Eric Willeke  and Mike Cottmeyer to tell you why they believe in Agile Coach Camp and think you should attend:


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Eventbrite - Agile Coach Camp US 2014

This is the event for coaching looking for a new perspective and approach to their craft. Past attendees have comment on the impact that attending Agile Coach Camp has had on their careers:

“The first time I attended the camp, 4 years ago in Columbus, it opened my mind to the deeper aspects of coaching.  I came in looking for tips & tricks, answers to basic questions, that new retrospective technique – really tactical stuff.  But what I came away with so much more powerful… a deeper meaning that led me to be a more thoughtful and effective coach.  I can trace much of my coaching success over the past few years to ideas and conversations that started in the ACCUS open space, and continued into the bar that evening.  Who knew legos and vodka martinis mix so well!?”

Aaron Kopel, Project Brilliant

What’s the Agenda?

Agile Coach Camp is a practitioner-run conference for peer-to-peer learning and exploration.

This year starts with an optional pre-camp Games Day on Friday, September 26.

Saturday we will collaboratively create the camp content for Saturday and Sunday . If you prefer a conference where you can sit and listen to expert lectures, this isn’t it. As at BarCamp, so at Agile Coach Camp there are no speakers, only participants.

For more detailed information, visit our agenda page.

What do I need to do to prepare?

To get the most out of an Agile Coach Camp, the single best thing you can do is think about those wicked problems you are facing or passionate ideas you want to share.  Bring these to camp.  Share, discuss, brainstorm, and prepare to be surprised at what can happen.

About the camp

The ACCUS is a community organized event and we work hard to keep the cost reasonable while promoting quality venues for the event.  We also sponsor a facilitator and frequently host international attendees to join the US event.  Please consider donating to support creative ideas and opportunities for this year and future events.

Also, as is a tradition of the ACCUS event, we select a local cause and encourage attendees to make donations.  This year the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Central Indiana (BBBS-CI) has been selected.  We encourage you to make a donation of any size, which will be made to BBBS-CI on behalf of the Agile Coach Camp US 2014 attendees.